Below are customer submitted translation files for most of our themes. You may download the entire package or browse the source code on Github. We encourage you to fork the repository and share your translations.

Translation instructions

Download the package above and find the .mo file for your theme and language. Next, create a /includes directory inside your theme directory or your child theme directory and copy the .mo (eg. file into the new directory (note that in some older themes, you may need to create a /languages directory instead of an /includes directory). Finally, define your language in your wp-config.php file (also see WordPress in your language).

Missing translation files for your language? Create your own!

All of our themes include a .po or .pot file by default (.pot files are located in the /includes folder). Use a program like poEdit to generate a set of translation files for the theme in your language.

Share your translation

Help grow this package by sharing your translation with others. Fork this repository, add your translation or improvement, and send a pull request. If Github is too complicated, send your translation to us and we'll add it.